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Single- and double-hung windows are known for their classic appearance and, while they may look similar at a glance, they are different in how they operate.

Double-hung windows slide either up or down, allowing fresh air into your home. Featuring expansive views with two operational sash glass panes, these windows are one of the most effective ways to ventilate a home. They can also extend your connection to the outside world.

Single-hung windows have a fixed sash that allows for a more airtight seal, thereby keeping out unwanted air infiltration. The single-hung window style has been around for centuries. That’s one of the reasons they are more likely to be used when restoring older, historic homes.

Single Hung Windows

Masters of versatility

Double-hung windows offer great versatility. They can fit into any architectural style, climate, or project budget. Plus, the bottom sashes and top sashes ensure these windows are easy to clean, making them a great choice for any homeowner. Because double-hung windows can open on the top and bottom sashes simultaneously, warm air can exit through the top as cool air enters through the bottom, maximizing ventilation. This can be especially beneficial in rooms that retain moisture, like a bathroom. Whether you’re building a new home or doing a simple window replacement, each double hung window can be customized to reflect your style.

Single Hung Windows

Double-hung windows from Marvin®

The Marvin Elevate™ collection is perfect for homeowners who want to minimize maintenance without sacrificing aesthetics. These double-hung windows feature wood interiors, adding timeless charm to your home. They also feature fiberglass exteriors, which stand up to all weather elements.

  • Ideal balance of beauty and strength
  • Wood interiors add timeless charm
  • Fiberglass exteriors stand up to all elements
Double Hung Windows

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