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Bay and bow windows, also known as projection windows, literally “bow” (extend and protrude) from your home. One of the main reasons to choose bay and bow windows is to brighten a room by flooding it with more natural light as well as enhanced views of the outside world. This is particularly favorable when you have a beautiful view right outside your home, such as trees and mountains, or the water. Bay and bow windows have angled glass panes, which offer you a more dimensional view. In addition, unlike other types of windows, bay and bow windows can physically add additional space to your home.

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Ease of bay windows

Bay windows are fully functional. They can easily be opened or closed to increase airflow and ventilation in your home and can operate like any other window due to their design. Bay windows combine three or more window panels, which are set at angled curves, with the centerpiece being the widest. The centerpiece is usually a stationary picture window. This center position can transform your home by offering a vast view of the outdoors. Yet the other panels, usually casement or double-hung windows, include two operating sashes.

Beauty of bow windows

While bow windows are not operational, which means they can’t be opened or closed, they do offer a beautiful aesthetic to your living space. Bow windows act as stationary portals through which sunlight can enter, adding a three-dimensional element to your home’s exterior. The bow window design is a combination of four to six window panels that are set side by side and curved to create a rounded appearance. This gives them a wider view than bay windows. As a result, bow windows have less of a protrusion, leading to a better view of the outdoors.

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Bay and bow windows from Marvin®

Marvin Signature ™ Ultimate Bow windows are a series of windows connected to form a gentle outward curve. Typically made up of four or more windows, the Ultimate bow windows can create a small nook, open up a view, bring in more light, and boost visual appeal from inside and out. Marvin bay and bow replacement windows are a popular option for homeowners.

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