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Scenic doors (sometimes called multi-panel or bi-fold doors) are large doors that help blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Scenic doors can help you build your connection to the outside. They are usually composed of multiple connected door panels, each of which provides an expansive view of nature.

Pivot Doors

Connect with nature

A popular option in regions with warmer climates, scenic doors and multi-panel doors are an easy, impactful way to infuse a healthier feeling into your home. When placed strategically, they can stretch your kitchen onto a patio, or connect your living room with the backyard. Not only will you be exposed to additional natural light, but you are also connecting your inside space to the outdoors. A feeling of a daily dose of the outdoors can do wonders. Beyond your normal daily routine, scenic doors, panoramic doors, pivot doors and multi-panel doors can be great for entertaining. By joining spaces together, they create an inviting atmosphere that blends the best of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Bi-fold doors from Marvin®

While there are many impressive options for indoor/outdoor bi-fold doors, few can compete with the Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Bi-Fold Door. Operating like an accordion, they allow homeowners to maximize space with their environment. One of the largest folding doors in the industry, it is available in widths of up to 55 feet. And when weather does not permit for a wide-open expanse, simply swing it closed.

  • Contemporary hardware delivers a sleek and simple design
  • Panel sizes available up to 3.5 feet wide by 9.5 feet high
  • Optional single access door allows for convenient everyday use
  • Multi-point hardware system makes folding panels smooth and effortless
Scenic Doors

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