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Fiberglass windows can bring you the best of both worlds: brawn and beauty. They are strong and durable, don’t damage easily, and can provide you with the freedom of low maintenance and energy-efficiency. While they may not feel as traditional as wood windows, they usually last longer and require less maintenance investment from homeowners. They can be installed in any climate, and they almost never chip, rot, or warp. Instead of worrying about repairing or repainting windows, you can kick back and enjoy the view.

Fiberglass Windows - Marvin Essential

Built to last

Fiberglass is tough. It can support a lot of weight. That’s why it’s the material used for boats, bridges, and even hardhats. Fiberglass is tougher and lighter than wood, plus it’s low maintenance. It can stand up to moisture and temperature fluctuations. With fiberglass windows, your home can withstand all of the North Carolina seasonal changes. For homeowners in this area, fiberglass replacement windows are an option worth considering.

As an industry leader, Marvin continues to innovate wherever possible, boasting a patented, pultruded fiberglass. The Marvin pultruded fiberglass materials are 8x stronger than vinyl windows and 3x stronger than vinyl/wood window composites. These energy efficient windows use insulated glass fibers, making them a top choice for window frame materials and window insulation.

Fiberglass Windows - Marvin Essential

Fiberglass Replacement Windows - Marvin Essentia

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