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Windows & More offers everything you need to make your window and door project a success. Let’s get started!

Request your consultation

Complete this form and we’ll reach out to set up a consultation at your convenience.
You can choose from:

  • In Home consultation
  • In Showroom consultation
  • Virtual consultation

Remember, having a consultation does not mean you’re obligated in any way. It’s simply an opportunity to learn more about the process for selecting the best windows and doors for your project. It’s also a chance for us to learn more about you.

Make the most of your consultation. Think about these questions in advance:

  • Are you building a new home, renovating an existing one or starting a replacement project? If you’re looking to replace existing windows or doors, see if you can take some rough measurements & have them handy during the consultation.
  • What are your goals for this home; is it your “forever” home? Or will you be “flipping it” in two years?
  • Are you working with a contractor or will you be looking for Windows & More to install your new windows or doors?
  • Do you have any style, material or design preferences?

The consultation usually takes about 1 hour. Throughout that time, we’ll discuss different options for:

  • Products
  • Design
  • Installation

After the consultation, our team will get back to you with recommendations and cost estimates. We can also tell you more about our unique services that you can count on from project start to finish and beyond.

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