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Many people choose awning windows in places where a window might be positioned higher, such as nearer to the ceiling or on top of another window for increased ventilation and privacy. Higher windows capture more sunlight and maximize wall space.

When your windows open out, you can more easily welcome fresh air and natural light into your home. Like an umbrella, when an awning window is open, its glass pane protects your home from rain and moisture.

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The operation of an awning window is simple: they are hinged at the top and swing open. There is typically a handle at the bottom of the window you must turn to open them. This attribute allows for more energy-efficiency because they close and lock tightly, helping to reduce air leaks. Unlike casement windows, which open on side hinges and can leave your home exposed, awning windows can be opened year-round, regardless of the weather conditions.

If you want to bring in cool breezes on a springtime day, allow air flow to circulate in and out of your home, and still do all of this even when it’s raining outside, awning windows might be what you’re looking for. Replacement awning windows can really open up your possibilities.

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Awning windows from Marvin®

The Marvin Signature ™ Ultimate awning window is designed for performance and quality. In industry-leading sizes, the Ultimate awning window can be used on its own as a convenient option for hard-to-reach areas like over a sink or counter, or as a complement to adjacent windows, allowing fresh air access even during wet weather.

Marvin Awning Window

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